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All Levels Yoga with Kara

Mon 4:15-5:30pm


Start your evening off right with this class suited to yogis of all levels of experience ~ or no experience at all!  Using props and modifications, asanas will be adapted to the needs of each individual student ~ helping to make it a personalized experience that honors YOUR body.

Fall Session I dates: September 9- October 21, 2019

*Please note there will be no class October 14.

6 week session cost is $60 + tax

Yoga for "Non-Yogis" with Kara

Mon 7-8pm


If you are brand new to yoga, have limited flexibility or have physical injuries "preventing" you from doing yoga, this class is for you!  In this class, asanas (poses) will be demonstrated first and then hands-on adjustments and modifications using props will be provided by the instructor to adjust the poses to the needs of YOUR body.  

Fall Session I dates: September 9- October 21, 2019

*Please note there will be no class October 14.

6 week session cost is $60 + tax

Medical Intuitive Sessions with Shawna Leigh

Tues 10am-3pm


In each session you will learn:

  • The areas your body is holding the most stressed energy

  • What the emotional component is of each, if any 

  • Evidence-based techniques for you to improve your immune system and healing process

Free 15 minute consult calls by phone are available if you have any questions beforehand to determine if my sessions are a fit for you.

If interested please see the contact info below to inquire or to book a date and time.

(780)562-0000 ~ aquarianhealing@outlook.com ~ www.shawnaleigh.ca

HIGH Fitness with Nicole


Aerobics is back!! Bigger, better, HIGHer! Experience more than just a workout! HIGH Fitness is simple, intense, consistent, inclusive and fun! HIGH Fitness gets participants addicted and coming back for more! HIGH takes old school aerobics to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as HIIT training, plyometrics, intervals of strength and cardio and more. You can go high or you can go low and truly anyone can participate, but you will always leave feeling HIGH!

Stay tuned for pop-up classes!

Evening Hatha Yoga with Melissa

Tues 7-8pm


Working at a slower pace, Hatha helps to cultivate strength and balance through longer holds.  Each class is unique, focusing on mindful movement that honours the body while offering opportunities for students to challenge themselves. This class is suitable for all experience levels and abilities.

Fall Session I dates: September 3- October 22, 2019

8 week session cost is $80 + tax

Warm Yang/Yin with Lesley

Wed 4:45-6pm


The first half of this practice will be a vinyasa style flow class, guaranteed to be challenging and aerobic! The warm room will increase your chances to sweat, building your immune system and detoxifying your skin.

Class will finish with yin style slow stretches and longer holds, designed to open and relax the body. This 75 minute practice gives you the best of both worlds!

Fall Session dates: September 4- October 23, 2019

* 8 week session cost is $112 + tax

Warm All Levels Yoga with Lesley

Thurs 5:00-6:00pm


This warm All Levels practice will connect you to your breath, strengthen your body and calm your mind. Postures flow together with enough time for adjustments that make this class accessible to YOU.

Give yourself the time to practice being present.

This class will run on a drop-in only basis for September and October.

Warm Yin Yoga with Lesley

Thurs 6:30-7:45pm


Get yourself ready for a great sleep with this calm, warm practice that will relax your body and slow your mind.  The focus on longer holds in a heated studio will allow you to open and stretch the body on a deeper level, keeping the joints and fascia supple and nourished.  

Fall Session I dates: September 12 - October 17, 2019

*6 week session cost is $84 +tax.

Hot Yoga with Lesley

This class will not run for the current session.


This sequence, practiced in a room between 38-40 degrees, focuses on strength building, alignment and breath awareness. Postures flow from one to the next and are held for a number of breaths, increasing your ability and endurance. This class promises to challenge your body, connect you to your breath and bring serenity to your mind.

HypnoFertility with Kara

Fri 6:30-8:30pm


Do you and your partner struggle with fertility issues or multiple miscarriages (perhaps you are even seeing an “infertility expert” right now?) There IS a mind-body connection. Our minds play a powerful role when it comes to fertility, as does our nutrition and environment. Along with the learning, in this class you will have the opportunity to connect with other couples who can relate to the pain and longing that you have been experiencing.

By helping to reduce stress (and/or to change our PERCEPTION of stressors that can not be avoided) HypnoFertility increases the odds of conception and a full-term healthy pregnancy by 50%. HF is research based and may be used in conjunction with all medical infertility treatments.

Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes and bring blankets and pillows for this laid back learning environment which includes a lengthy guided meditation each class. Classes will be facilitated by Kara Rimmer, RN and certified HypnoFertility Educator.

Fall Session I dates: September 27- October 25, 2019

*Please note there will be no class October 4.

For this 4 week session, take advantage of the special introductory price of $200/couple.

Raindrop and Reiki Therapy



Raindrop therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology and more to create a healing and cleansing massage. Reiki is an energy healing modality involving the channeling of Divine Life-force energy through the practitioners hands. The aim of these combined 90 minute sessions is to help balance the chakras and attune one’s vibrational energy to the energy of Love ~ which often results in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Renew, refresh and return to your natural state of peace, relaxation, security and well-being.

Sessions will be facilitated by Kara Rimmer, Certified Reiki Master and Raindrop Therapy Practitioner.

Appointment dates & times are flexible, please contact Kara to book.

Each session: $100 investment

Yin Yoga with Madison

This class will not run for the current session.


Yin yoga is a practice of floor postures held for an average of 3-5 minutes, to mindfully stretch our connective tissue.  This practice is suitable for those new to yoga or an advanced yogi.  

"The essence of the yin practice is to maintain a gentle, but persistent, pressure for a long period of time."   ~Yin yoga, Bernie Clark

T'ai Chi with Debbie


T’ai Chi is a set of gentle, controlled movements practiced for centuries by men and women of all ages and abilities.  This soft style martial art is proven to reduce stress, improve balance and circulation, sharpen mental focus, increase vitality and provide an overall sense of well being. It is an ideal exercise to both strengthen the body and calm the mind. 

T’ai Chi helps to balance the body’s flow of “chi”, the intrinsic energy sometimes referred to as “life force” that flows along the body’s meridian pathways.

Participants will come away from this class skilled in 2 different styles of T’ai Chi as well as breathing, muscle and stress release techniques that can be easily incorporated into their daily or weekly routine.

·     Come to class in light, comfortable clothing & bring clean, soft soled footware such as Isotoner or other styles of slippers, or light weight, smooth soled running shoes. 

·     Bring a water bottle 

This class will not run for the current session.

Intermediate Pilates with Caylee


Athletic Flow Pilates follows the traditional mat order while focusing on strengthening your core with challenging exercises that target loads of different angles of your abdominals, sides, back and gluten. increased flexibility, muscle endurance, core strength and control will be achieved throughout. You can expect to be challenged during this hour of non-impact exercises. This class focuses on the frequently neglected muscles of the body with every exercise initiated from your wrong centre. Fun props are used throughout class to keep things challenging. They include Resistance Bands, Bender Balls, Sliding Discs, Pilates Circles and Small Hand Weights!

Wear comfortable workout attire allowing the instructor to see your body alignment during work for proper correction. Your choice of bare feet or grippy socks!

This class will not run in the current session.

Beginner Pilates with Caylee


While Pilates focuses on core strength, it also develops full-body strength. Pilates promotes balance through the body while increasing flexibility, better joint range of motion & improves posture! The benefits of Pilates go far beyond, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, regularly practicing this total-body workout can ease back pain, improve bone density and boost heart rate!!

This class will not run in the current session.

Spring Forest Qigong with Lorna


What would it be like to have more energy? To alleviate stress and anxiety? To find more happiness and contentment?

Spring Forest Qigong can help you to gain energy and heal yourself through a moving meditation that helps you gain balance and connect the body, mind and spirit.

This class will not run for the current session.

All Levels Yoga with Lesley


This room temperature, all levels class will leave you feeling more connected to your body and more present to your breath. This practice is designed to calm your mind, strengthen your body and bring awareness to your breathing and offers many modifications and variations that make it personal to YOU.

This class will not run for the current session.

Prenatal Yoga with Lesley


You wouldn't run a marathon without training, so why take on one of the most momentous occasions of your life without preparation?  Through postures and breath work, this class is designed to strengthen your body, calm your mind and prepare you for childbirth.  Pre-registration is required.  

This class will not run for the current session.

Barre Above with Caylee


Come join us for Barre classes!!  Barre Above is a full-body conditioning class that includes fun props such as Bender Balls, light weights, resistance & figure eight tubing!  This trifecta low impact workout incorporates lower, upper and core exercises with a focus on flexibility, balance, stability and strength.

This class will not run for the current session.